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Values ​​and priorities


We are the experts, you can rely on us and our knowledge for the Customers always find the best possible solution.


We are partners for our Customers. Analysis of their needs and knowledge of the characteristics of their business, allows us to adjust the legal solutions to meet the expectations placed before us.


With passion we approach new challenges, we aim to provide the highest level of provision of legal services.

Target group

Our law firm offers cooperation in all aspects of business, and in particular in the field of credit management at all stages of the proceedings - both arbitration and judicial and enforcement.

Range of activities

We specialize in debt management, business law and litigation. Successfully we conduct the case in the field of company law, employment law, real estate and investment services, and intellectual property rights.





We have a high success rate

98%of all cases are sent to court enforcement officers

We act quickly

36 daysis the average time that is needed to obtain an enforcement title

We are efficient

52 daysis the average time that is needed to obtain a writ of execution

data as at 21 December 2016


The Firm is a part of the GetBack S.A. capital group, which is its shareholder. GetBack S.A. appeared on the debt trading and management market
in February 2012, and began operations a month later. Since then it has been an active player in the sector and has rapidly developed its market share
and won the trust of its Clients.

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